"What type of Gate is right for me?"

Every Gate is different. The are many types of gate, and even more styles. They can be swinging, sliding, rolling, folding, 


They can be made from just about any material including Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Wrought Iron, Mild Steel, Timber, and even PVC,...Plastic !


They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, so some questions need to be answered to ensure you get a gate thats suitable for the application.

Some of the things that need to be considered are:

How many times a day will the gate open and close?A high cycle gate will need motors that can handle the frequent usage. We call this the duty cycle. If a gate is moving (opening or closing) for 3 minutes every hour, this is a duty cycle of 3/60 , or 5% (LOW). If a gate is moving for 30 minutes of every hour, this is a duty cycle of 30/60, or 50% (Med-High)etc.

How high does the gate need to be?Do you need to prevent people climbing over the gate? 

Does the gate need to be fully clad, or semi permeable?Do you want, or is there a need to, see through the gate. 

Is the gate going in a windy location?A fully clad gate in a windy location is going to create a lot of strain on the motor, especially if its a swing gate.

Is the gate near the ocean?If so, you may want to consider a gate made from Aluminium or Timber (or PVC),

What are the physical constraints of where the gate is going to be installed?Is there enough room for a sliding gate to open (a 6m sliding gate will need approx 5.5m of clear track to open fully, this is called the return) Is there enough room for a swing gate to open without striking anything (a 4m swing gate will need a 4m clear arc from the hinge post to open to 90' or more.

Are there any council restrictions over the height, type, material? Some councils have restrictions over the height, material and permeability (see through) of the gates and front walls of properties.

Is there power close by or will it need to be Solar powered? 240V power to the gate controller is always preferred. Unless the power is more than 50m away, its generally more cost effective and better in the long term to have power run to the gate rather than install solar power gate systems which require batteries and have limitations over usage.

Is there a problem with vandalism in the area ?

How will Western Power, the Water Corp or Emergency services access the property when they need to?

How many people will need access to the gate?

Will I ever need to keep the gate open?

How will unexpected visitors get in ?

How will you be using the gate?

Will the gate stay open during the day and close in the evening?

We can supply and install a variety of gate styles and sizes to meet any requirement. 

Whether it be a small pedestrian gate, a single or double vehicle gate, or a 30 metre gate or automatic door on an aircraft hangar, we have the skills and expertise to service all of your auto gate and auto door needs. 

Some of the most popular gate designs: 














Automate your Existing Gates


We can also automate your existing gates with electric gate motors and gate opener's.

As well as 240 Volt AC, and 24 Volt DC gate systems, we also supply and install solar powered  systems for farms, rural areas, or where mains power just isn't  an option. 

Besides providing  your property with excellent security and safety, an automatic gate is often the first impression visitors have of your home or business. 


An Alison Gates automatic gate system will make that first impression a memorable one.

It will help to keep all unwanted guests outside,  and your loved ones safe inside.unauthorised traffic,  out as well as keep burglars and unwanted traffic out, while protecting small children, pets, and the elderly from wandering onto busy streets.