Security & Intercom Systems 

Security Systems 

Alison Electrical offers security systems to both residential, commercial and industrial buildings, that suits your budget and your requirements. When installing a CCTV into your home or business certain aspects need to be considered the resolution, light capabilities, video recording and the ability to login remotely. Each System is different and we custom design your CCTV specific to your needs. We pride ourselves on customer service and every quote accepted with us get a 6 month and 1 year service free of charge to ensure everything functions correctly and efficiently. 

The security of all our clients is very important, we ensure to secure you property, personal belonging and your most prized possessions. We source all of our products straight from the factory to guarantee the best quality and best best price.  

Choose from a wide range of technology such as Dahua, Aiphone, Elvox, Commax, EMfone and many more which are all designed with different functions to suit each complex individually.  



Intercoms are a good form of security to a property. There is many different type of intercoms, Audio handset intercoms, video intercoms, wifi activated intercoms and digital intercoms. As one of Perth's leading gate companies we have a large range of intercoms in stock due to the growing demand on intercom stations at front gates. 


Our most popular installation is the GSM Switch which allows you to control the gate from you mobile phone device, it has the best range and is available on all networks.