Do you need an Electrician?

Did you know Alison Electrical Technology are fully licensed electricians and licensed and insured electrical contractors (EC 008627) ? 

We often get asked why we do Gate Automation, and the simple answer is (other than because we love it) because when we started in the Automation Industry over 20 years ago, it was a job that only licensed electricians were legally allowed to do.


Since then, 24 Volt DC Systems have evolved and improved considerably and become much more common in the residential market. This has allowed other tradespeople, like fence installers, fabricators, welders, and landscapers already in the industry, to exploit a bit of a grey area in the electrical legislation and start to play around a lot more with the electrical side of things. This is strictly limited to the connection of 24V or 12V devices however, and as almost every system runs off 240Volt Mains Voltage  being transformed down to low voltage, every gate automation must involve a licensed electrician at some point to work with the 240V side of things.


Is your Gate Automation Tradesperson licensed to do what they are doing.with w to get involved over the years, csomething only electricians would 

We offer a full range of electrical service's for your convenience.

Our services includes: 

  • Electrical Maintenance

  • Led lighting upgrades

  • Installation of light sensors and timers

  • Smoke alarm installation and maintenance

  • Security system installation 

  • Fault finding and Breakdowns

  • Full Installation Rewires

  • RCD (Residual Current Device, aka a safety switch) Installation.

  • Air conditioning Servicing and Installations.

  • Testing and repairing home appliances. (Examples: Ovens,

  • Hot Water Systems, Microwaves.)

Our aim is to inform our customers of the newest and latest technology on the market. We tailor all of our quotes to best suit each individuals needs.  We also are conscious of the environment, and encourage our customers to switch to LED lighting which typically uses approximately half as much energy as traditional  incandescent and fluorescent type for the same light output.

Investing in LED is a wise decision which pays for itself very quickly.


We only endorse and sell reputable brands of electrical products from well known and trusted manufacturers like:

  • Clipsal

  • Phillips

  • Sylvania

  • HPM/Legrand

  • General Electric

  • Bosch

  • Schneider

  • NHP

  • Robus


All of our Products are guaranteed, and carry a Warranty that covers them against manufacturing defects or installation faults for between 1 and 5 years, depending on the product.

For a obligation free quote contact the office on 08 6254 2968 or fill out the contact form.